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Nathaniel Hill Brick House

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Nathaniel Hill Brick House

The Nathaniel Hill Brick House, locally referred to as just the Brick House, is located on NY 17K in the Orange County, New York Town of Montgomery. It was built in 1768 by Hill, one of the earliest settlers of the region. His family has lived there ever since. Nathaniel Hill was born in 1705, emigrated from Ireland in about 1725, and died May 5, 1780. At the time of his death, he was the owner and possessor of some 700 acres (2.8 km) of land. Hill originally built a home in the town of Crawford, New York, which he only lived in for two years. He left that home to his son James, who made Applejack Brandy there. The first public record of Hill is his enlistment in Captain Bayard's militia in 1738.


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