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Justin Newman murder

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Justin Newman was reported missing on February 25, 2008.  Meanwhile, Denise Squire called the fire department to put out a fire on February 23 here at her home.  The Fire Department found a body they presumed to be her husband, Ari Squire, underneath his collapsed truck dead and badly burned.  Ari Squire had taken out a 5 million dollar insurance policy previously and police became suspicious.  They found Justin Newman's truck at a hotel in Missouri and realized Ari Squire was staying in the motel.  When they tried to apprehend him, he committed suicide.  The police eventually identified the body underneath the truck to be Justin Newman who Ari had lured to his home. Ari Squire faked his own murder to acquire the insurance money.  

Later the Newman family sued Denise Squire and won a civil case against her.  Police are still investigating her role in the murder scheme.  She was in contact with Ari Squire at the motel where he was staying and e-mails suggested that she was somehow involved in the murder.


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