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The FL Groundwater Sampling Log application was created by MajorForms for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and their affiliates and consultants to be used on smartphones and tablets in an effort to replace paper forms (MajorForms is happy to convert this form to those used in other states and countries - please contact us).  The form used is FD 9000-24 (revised 2/12/2009).  Essentially the application allows samplers to collect all the pertinent data that the sample log form requires including purging and sampling data.  The application also allows managers to follow and communicate with their employees in the field and the data collection can be monitored in real time via the internet by anyone allowed to monitor the data collection.   The application also allows collectors to track and document their field work incorporating images, video, audio recordings, and/or text. The data can be synchronized to a secure database to backup the data while collecting is being done in the field. Once data has been collected and uploaded, users can edit it, create reports and/or maps, and download the data or reports to spreadsheets or other documents. You do not need to have access to the internet to run the application, but if you do, you can upload your data and preserve it. 


Track your field work via constant GPS readings. Track unlimited paths each day and have each track/path displayed on a map in different colors.

Each well site is marked along your GPS track(s) with a pin on Google maps allowing instant access to the media and data captured.  

When the well sampling and purging job begins the application automatically documents the longitude, latitude, altitude, time, and date with instant access to the smartphone or tablet camera, audio recorder, notes, and a theodolite (for calculating distances to or elevation of objects).  

Share the field work instantaneously with monitors or managers along with GPS tracks and media on any of an almost unlimited number of social websites or communicate information via e-mail, Skype, and other IM systems.  

Create a company or personal website to share the field data with others in real time.    The website includes a gallery of your videos and images along with standard Google maps with tracks and pins representing events.   

The application automatically synchronizes your data  in the background to the secure database and, if desired, your website, effectively backing up your data for later use.  

Once you return from the field, the data collected can be downloaded to a spreadsheet, powerpoint, or other documents or additional data such as water chemical analyses can be added to the online database.  The data can also be extensively filter to hone in on certain aspects of data.  Our reports section allows users to create specialized documents and graphs from the filtered data.

Their is a built-in messaging system which allows samplers to communicate with each other or their headquarters while in the field.  


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