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Our Geosurvey Transit application functions similarly to the theodolite surveying instrument that has been used for generations while taking advantage of the tools on the smartphone or tablet (GPS, maps, inclinometer, camera, magnetometer, etc.). In addition, the longitude, latitude, altitude, azimuth, address (if available), date and time, and horizontal and vertical angles are overlayed onto the camera viewfinder in real time and recorded when a photograph is taken (if desired). The information is also recorded on a map including bearings, distances, and heights of objects measured. Although the tool is primarily used by geologists, archaeologists, engineers, surveyors, architects and other professionals, the device can be extremely handy for hikers and bikers, golfers trying to determine distances to holes, hunters, and travelers in boats and cars.

The height of a object can be determine by estimating the distance to the object (or by determining the distance to the object on a map by simply touching the map) and pointing the viewfinder at the bottom of the target and then the top of the target.

The distance to an object can be determine in several ways: by estimating the height of the object, by triangulation from two points, or by pointing to the object on a map.

The power of our application is that the information can not only be shared with various social sites such as Facebook, e-mailed to others, but also synchronized to a website we allow you to create so others can see your work. Through the website, the data can be viewed in real time by friends, family and/or colleagues. The synchronization also serves as a way to back up your data should your phone or tablet malfunction in the field. If you do not have web access, the application will collect the data and store it until a web connection is established. Once the data has been uploaded, you can edit the data, create reports and/or maps, and download the data or reports to spreadsheets and other documents. Once your surveying or measuring is completed, you can automatically create a powerpoint or video of your work. Try it, it is free. You can also access the data via our website at


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