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The Party Diary & Journal is a MajorForms android application that allows you to document your parties incorporating images, video, audio recordings, and/or text.  The data can be synchronized to a free website created by you to store, edit, and/or share your parties with others. You can also share the data through Facebook or Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, e-mail, etc. Once the parties are uploaded to your website, you can edit the data, create reports and/or maps, and download the data or reports to spreadsheets or other documents. You do not need to have access to the internet to run the application, but if you do, the data will be backed up.  Give it a try, it is free. Once your party is completed, you can automatically create a video of the party. 


Create events within your party documenting the people that attended, activities, games, contests, etc.

When an event is created it automatically documents the longitude, latitude, altitude, time, and date with instant access to the smartphone or tablet camera, audio recorder, and notes to further document event.  

Each event comes with formatted fields to record a description of the event, detailed notes, etc.  Specific fields can be hidden and an unlimited number of additional fields can be added.   

Share your party instantaneously with your friends with the ability to post all your media on any of an almost unlimited number of social websites or communicate information via e-mail, Skype, and other IM systems.  

Create your own free website to share your party with others in real time.    The website includes a gallery of your videos and images along with standard Google maps with tracks and pins representing events (should they be at different locations).   

Don't worry about the loss of any media, data, or memories.  The application automatically synchronizes your data  in the background in our database and, if desired, your website, effectively backing up your data for later use.  

Once the party is over, the memories collected can be downloaded to a spreadsheet, powerpoint, or other documents.  You can also extensively filter the information to hone in on certain aspects of your party.  Our reports section of the website allows you to create specialized documents and graphs from the filtered data.

If others at your party can add their own events, media and data, through their smartphones or tablets, to each event if you choose to share your username with them.  All smartphones and tablets will be instantaneously updated with the shared information through the party application and include all the collected information on your website.  Or each individual at the party can create their own account and website on MajorForms to document the party themselves.    

Make your own party video or powerpoint presentation automatically once your party is over.  With one click, the videos, maps, and images are integrated into a video timeline or a powerpoint presentation.      


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