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The MajorForms Sign A Contract application allows two parties to sign a contract/agreement with their smartphone or tablet and have the signatures witnessed by up to four other people.  The contract can be as easy as describing a quick agreement between the two parties within a text field provided or recording the agreement verbally via the smartphone or tablet video or audio recording devices.  The two parties do not need to be present together in the same location to sign the contract or agreement.  MajorForms allows both parties along with the witnesses to be logged into the same application simultaneously to complete the process.  The parties can communicate via chat within the application if changes need to be made to the contract/agreement.   In addition, if a contract has already been written it can be imported into the application and signed by both parties.  Once both parties and witnesses have signed the contract/agreement, emails will go out to the parties and witnesses documenting the signature of the document or media.   A contract can also be photographed with the smartphone or tablet camera and used as the document that is being signed (we offer optical character recognition (OCR) within the application, in case changes need to be made to the contract that has been "scanned" by the camera).  

The application records all participants present (that is, all those that were present at the signing even if they did not formally witness the contract/agreement with their signatures).   When each party signs the contract/agreement, pertinent information about the parties and witnesses are recorded including their locations (GPS - in case all parties are not in the same location), the time and date they signed, name, address, etc.   The contract/agreement will be stored on a secure server which will enable either party or witnesses to obtain copies of the original.  If it is necessary to provide a copy of the signed document for public perusal, a free website can be created to display the agreement/contract.   

We are not lawyers and do not offer any legal advice concerning the agreement or contract being signed.  We highly recommend that you contract a lawyer if you have any uncertainties about how the agreement will be viewed in a court of law.


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