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The MajorForms Signature Acknowledgment application allows the user to obtain and document the signature of a person using the smartphone or tablet.  For example, if you are a delivery company and need to obtain a signature when something is delivered, you can use this application.  The person receiving the delivery simply signs your smartphone or tablet.  The application also allows the user to write a description of what the person is signing for.  A photograph of the person signing can also be obtained along with pertinent other data such as the full name and address of the person signing.  A timestamp and GPS location at the time of the signing are also recorded.  The signature and other data can be synchronized to a secure server effectively backing up the data collected.  The user can also view placemarks on a map showing where the signatures were collected.  By clicking on any placemark, the data can be viewed including a picture and personal information related to the person signing.  Our online reports allow the data to be grouped and analyzed and can be downloaded to a spreadsheet.  If the data needs to be made public, the user can automatically create a free website which displays the data collected. 


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