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The MajorForms Scanner Droid application offers the use of a smartphone or tablet as a scanner with built in optical character recognition (OCR). Take a picture of any document and allow the OCR to recognize the text so it can be edited, copied, or translated. The speed in which documents can be scanned is as easy as taking a picture -- an incredible advantage over traditional scanners. If you have old photographs, the application enables you to scan them and store as personalized albums. And once the document has been scanned, it can be organized with other documents and stored for later reference. We allow each document to be numbered and offer a selection of choices as to what type of document is being stored. As an aid in helping to later identify documents, the application records a timestamp and the GPS coordinates related to when the document was scanned. In addition, comments can be added about each document scanned (using audio input if desired) along with other images, videos, etc. that you choose to associate with the document.  Contacts can also be associated with any or all documents either by adding the information about the contact associated with the document or importing a person or persons from your Google Contacts.

Once the scanned image has been documented, we offer free storage and archiving through our upload and archiving database. In fact, if you choose to archive the data, the application will automatically synchronize in the background when it detects internet access. Not only does this give you instant access in the future to all your scanned documents, it allows you to instantly back up your data as you scan and work. Our search and filter features not only enables you to find your documents quickly but they can be easily downloaded when desired with the changes made if you chose to use the OCR feature before they were archived. Our online interface also makes it easy to reconfigure the documents or even apply OCR once they are uploaded so they can be edited, translated or even deleted, or copied. If desired, all the scanned documents can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet or as other file formats. Finally, if you wish to share the documents with others, we allow the user to create a free website or share them through many social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. It’s all free – no strings attached.


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