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The Metals Chain of Custody is a MajorForms application enables samples to be collected and information about the samples to be recorded on a smartphone or tablet that can be printed and sent to the laboratory that analyzes the samples.   For example, the sample analysis (Pb TCLP, RCRA 8, etc.) cn be chosen along with the collection location, air volume, flow rate, and total time, etc. along with customer location and billing information can be easily and quickly be recorded in the application (in fact, the application allows the user to pull contact information from Google contacts for each customer to speed up the process).  The chain of custody report can be signed on your smartphone or tablet and printed out as a pdf file or downloaded as an excel spreadsheet.   The application also allows the user to scan barcodes of the samples as they are collected and record information about each sample to enable the laboratory to know details for the analyses.  

GPS data such as longitude, latitude, and altitude along with the accuracy are recorded automatically when you set up the collection site information.  The weather of the location where the collection is being taken (including temperature, humidity, weather conditions such as cloudy, sunny, etc., and wind direction and velocity) is automatically recorded if the user has an internet connection. In addition, a time and date are automatically recorded for each sample collected.  

There are extraneous features to the application that may help users.  For example, the sampler can track his or her route (with GPS coordinates taken every few seconds) which can be displayed on a map with placemarks for the samples.  The data for each sample can be displayed if the user clicks on any sample placemark.  The user can also take video, images, audio recordings, or even scan documents at each sample location.

While the data is being collected, the data is automatically backed up to a secure server if desired so that the data collected in the field can be preserved.  This feature allows a colleague or supervisor to review the sample data as it is being collected if the user shares the password.  Owners of companies can also track their employees live to monitor the status of multiple collections taking place.  There is also a way to chat with other samplers through the smartphones or tablets should communication be necessary.  Finally, a free website is offered if the user wishes to share the data collected with others publicly.  

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