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The Simple Expense Manager is a MajorForms android application that allows you to track and document your expenses. You can scan receipts or documents and use our optical character recognition (OCR) tool to convert the document or receipt into a form that allows you to make notes right on the receipt or document. You can also search for the recognized words or additional notes in the application. Include business partners that accompany you on a project or trip (if the participants are in your Google contacts, they can easily be added to the app).  The app also allows you to document the clients you may have taken to diner or an event (again Google contacts can be used). The app also allows you to track (with GPS) all or parts of your project and enables the data to be synchronized to a free website created by you to store, edit, and/or share your expenses with others (this is optional if you do not wish your data shared). You can also share expense information through Facebook or Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, e-mail, etc. (optional also). Once your expenses are backed up to our secure server (again optional) or to your website, you can edit the data, create reports and/or maps, and download the data or reports to spreadsheets or other documents. You do not need to have access to the internet to run the application, but if you do, your data can be backed up through automatic synchronization with the secure database (not required). 


Track your project and expenses with constant GPS readings. Track unlimited paths within each day (for example, your business trip to Indiana in one color and a business trip to Iowa in another color) on a map.

When an expense is created it automatically documents the longitude, latitude, altitude, time, and date.

Scan receipts or documents and use OCR if you wish to add comments to the document or receipt. 

Each time you record an expense it shows up on the map as a pin or placemark along with the track if a track is recorded.  Click on the pin and your expense is displayed along with any images or video.  

Password protected but you can backup through automatic synchronization to our secure database (optional) and share selected expenses instantaneously with your free website or Facebook, e-mail, Skype, Twitter, Google+, or other IM systems (optional).  

Create your own free website to share your expenses with others in real time (optional).    The website includes a gallery of your videos and images along with standard Google maps with tracks and pins representing each expense and project uploaded.   

The expenses collected can be downloaded to a spreadsheet, powerpoint, or other documents.  Our reports section of the website allows you to create specialized documents or expense reports and graphs from the filtered data.


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