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Make your Android powerful with smart applications

Major Forms is a unique experience because we link smartphone applications to our website databases. In other words, not only will you have the opportunity to collect data and information remotely (without the need of bulky computers) through our applications on your smartphone, but the data can be immediately uploaded (synchronized) to our website and stored for future use thus, protecting the integrity of valuable information. Furthermore any changes made to the uploaded data can be immediately synchronized with the smartphone. This allows live monitoring by personnel with access to a computer while the data is being collected “in the field”. The monitors can change or update information being collected in real time while helping to implement field collecting or directing operations. But these abilities we offer our clientele simply scratch the surface of the power of our applications. Once the data is uploaded to our website it can be processed through a large number of database functions. Here are some examples:

Interaction with Google Maps

1) Data can not only be overlain on Google maps via the smartphone, but once the data has been uploaded to our website databases, each sample or site can be associated with a number of pertinent information collected such as images, videos, texts, descriptions, audio comments, etc. on the map. By simply “clicking” each site, the requisite information is available for detailed review. If the tracker smartphone application has been implemented, the samples or sites can be related to routes taken during the collection of information.

Publish your media on the web automatically

2) The data collected can be displayed on our website in inclusive tables for easy access and viewing of the data collections. Detailed information such as viewing images from thumbnails is only a click away.

Secure the data

3) Other information can be added to the tables for any or all samples/sites and stored with complete protection within our secure databanks. For example, if a geologist has collected rock samples in the field and subsequently analyzes them for their geochemistry, that data can be incorporated into the all inclusive table on our website for each sample thus associating location information with chemical data. In addition, encrypted hardware keys can be purchased through us at cost if the user requires prohibited access by even our database administrator (the only individual that we allow to interact with the data for maintenance purposes).

Share your data

4) All data is password protected but can be shared with colleagues or friends as desired. In addition, the data can be posted easily to Facebook and other social media sites. A good example is our Holiday application which enables a smartphone user not only to track their vacation route progress and associate media such as images and video, along with descriptions and comments, with the route but family and friends can monitor the user’s travels live via our website or through social media like Facebook. Once the vacation is over, the user can permanently store the travel record perhaps to make a future vacation movie that documents the trip based on all of the information stored.

5) A sample/site collection can be integrated with other collections made by colleagues or friends in single tables and on Google maps.

Make presentations and export data

6) Professional looking graphs, charts, tables, etc. can be made from the data online and downloaded to MS Word, MS Powerpoint, or other relevant applications and processors or left online for access by others you permit to see the information.

7) All or partial data can be downloaded to spreadsheets (e.g., MS Excel).

8) As mentioned above, multiple sample field collections taking place simultaneously can be monitored and/or directed from a central “home base” such as a company office.

Customize your app

9) All the applications are extremely flexible and allow additional information to be collected and uploaded to a central database. Likewise, data fields already in the applications can be removed if they are not needed by the user. That is, each application can be personalized for individual users (by adding or deleting what eventually become rows and columns in the central database tables online).

Embedded modules expand the applications

10) One of the powers of our applications is that we frequently incorporate applications within applications. Our theodolite application (also a stand-alone application), which enables users to calculate things like the distance to or height of distant objects is incorporated into applications that might require these kinds of measurements. Not only does it allow the use of the theodolite from within the application but enables the user to record the information so that it can be integrated with other information collected. For example, the archaeological sampling application allows measurements using the theodolite to be stored and viewed on maps during an excavation.

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